About Us

Who We Are

ARCHIOPTERYX is a multi-disciplinary architecture and design boutique firm, based in New Delhi, India.

Founded by the firm’s principal architect Akshay Shrinagesh in 2002, following his graduation from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi .

Since its inception, under his leadership, the practise has designed and overseen the construction of hospitals, restaurants, factories and private residences.

His approach to architecture is intuitive, based on a deep understanding of the behavioural impact of spaces.

In 2014 his design work and talent was recognised by his selection to be part of only five architects among 20 designers in India under he age of 35 to exhibit his work as part of the prestigious Design x Design Annual Exhibition, organised by Alliance Francaise, New Delhi, India.

I believe in design that ages well, design that stands the test of time and becomes a living example of an absolute best.

Akshay is an animal enthusiast, and volunteers with various animal rights organizations, orchestrating animal rescue operations, and advocating against animal cruelty.

This interest and unique viewpoint  has contributed to his involvement and subsequent design and planning of various structures in animal shelters around the NCR. Currently he is working with Help in Suffering (HIS), Jaipur, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the Noida Authority and various RWA’s of Noida to resolve urban and social issues pertaining to animal-human conflict, and community welfare.

Akshay’s passion for education and teaching the next generation of architects sees him actively involved with furthering Architectural education at various leading institutes of the country including the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

How We Work

Hands-on, personal and collaborative…

Our working ethos is based on the idea that whether we are building a private residence or commercial project, the process should be harmonious, transparent and collaborative. Working directly with us ensures a one-on-one relationship free of delegation and with 100% accountability. From concept to completion, we take pride to be entrusted with your project and bringing your vision to reality.

Before we begin, we often starts with a few informal meetings getting to know the client, exchanging ideas, exploring possibilities and develop a vision that everyone’s excited about. By giving you – the client and us – the architects the ability to discover common ground in a short period of time, we develop mutual respect and trust that will help ensure the end success of the project.


Through the use of hand-drawn sketches, we are able to quickly exchange ideas to establish a visual dialogue with our clients.

Sketches can be as simple as a diagram and paper drawings at the beginning, increasing in intricacy with every round of meetings. While establishing conceptual aesthetics and layout, we will incorporate natural elements such as landscape, sun, views and topography. The result is a visual road-map that will serve as a guide for the design stages ahead.

If needed, we will also build a 3D model, which will help bring the design to life, giving both parties a valuable perspective not offered by drawings. Built to scale and crafted by hand, the model allows the opportunity to better understand the building’s relationship to the site and, subsequently, make any necessary refinements.

Having worked on many small and large scale projects has allowed us to build strong relationships with great many contractors, builders and skilled labourers. Our experience with a wide range of professionals gives us the luxury of assembling teams with skills tailored to the unique needs of each individual project.

We keep costs low by working with contractors through every stage of the bidding process, and are always involved during the construction to supervise, support and problem-solve. We take pride in serving as a liaison between our clients and any other professionals – whether engineers, builders or government officials – to ensure your vision is carried out to its fullest potential.

We look upon our clients as partners. Taking the time to understand and collaborate with them is not just part of the job, but truly a privilage for us.


Simplicity, respect and harmony lie at the heart of good design.

We believe that simplicity lies at the heart of good design. Achieving simple architecture can be difficult as designers tackle various technical and organisational challenges. Nevertheless we place simplicity at the heart of everything we do, resulting in buildings that are easy to use and elegant in their appearance.

Our ideas are informed by rigorous options analyses, lateral thinking and a clear focus on users. Once formed, we ensure those ideas remain the basis for every subsequent decision we make. This gives our buildings clarity, allowing them to be easily understood and enjoyed by everyone who uses them.

We always choose materials that are robust, appropriate and beautiful. We know that good architecture has spiritual as well as physical elements, and we therefore aim to create experiences that go beyond superficial finish. We create buildings and spaces that enable people to perform at their best.

We work with our clients to devise long-lasting, economically-viable solutions that help save energy, materials and reduce waste.

Effective communication is at the heart of what we do. We aim to be clear, appropriate and responsive. We use a range of tools from simple hand drawings through to a fully digitised drawings. In today’s technologically rich environment we believe that it is remains essential to have a face-to-face workshop or a chat on the phone.

We bring our experience of complex procurement and contractual administration processes to provide excellent support to clients.